Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (A.O.B.T)


A.O.B.T.  combines the wellness philosophies of the East with West. It uses the nature of gravity to enhance the massage experience by taking deep pressure and allocating it over a wider muscle base. This allows for super tension release with the same lengthening rhythmical strokes of the traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue pressure. This massage is great for detoxifying the body, spinal traction and flexibility.

~45 Minutes $55.00              ~ 60 Minutes $85.00

~90 Minutes $120.00


Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage is designed to eliminate adhesions imbeded within the muscle layers. Deep tissue massage can include vigorous pressures, trigger point, cross fiber and active release techniques.

~45 Minutes $55.00               ~60 Minutes $85.00

~90 Minutes $120.00


Sports Massage

Prenatal Massage "Mommy & Me"


This massage is a special light to medium pressure massage designed just for expecting Mom's! It helps to melt away tensions while keeping Baby happy and safe. This massage is given in a side lying position, allowing proper blood flow to the placenta and heart of Baby.

~ 60 Minutes $75.00


Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is perfect for your first massage or simply to relax the mind and body.Swedish massage uses light to medium pressure combined with rhythmical strokes. This massage is great to help with Fibromyalgia, increased circulation and maintaining chiropractic  care.

~ 60 Minutes $75.00

~90 Minutes 100.00       


The lymphatic system is the body's drainage system, allowing the body to filter out toxins and bacteria. Blocked lymphatic systems can cause aches, pains and illness. By keeping the lymphatic system clean and clear you are helping the body to cure itself of maladies. This massage is beneficial to be combined with detoxifying and weight loss programs. Best  results yielded with multiple sessions.

~ 60 Minutes $75.00


Lymphatic Massage